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America Asia Group Co. (AAGC) has over 30 years of manufacturing the porcelain insulators and bushings. The company is certificated by: ISO-2000 and Supplier Clearinghouse for the Utility Supplier Diversity Program of the California Public Utilities Commission (Von:IGS00006). Our products use by power industry, distribution station, transformer, switchgears all over the world.
We can supply a Wide range of L V and H V ANSI standard approved insulators for the distribution and Various LV.HV customer porcelain bushings, bushing assembly, components, copper parts for transformers, Switch. Indoor Bus Support insulator, Switch insulator, Standoff insulator, Arrester Housing porcelain.

We can manufacture and supply different material button of electric contacts using for Low, Medium, High Voltage Electric Switchgears. And produces customer specific solutions in the field of electrical contact materials, components and component assembly for a wide range of applications. Our products have been successfully applied in electric appliance, control unit, sensor and micro-motor. We supply the mass products or perform individual production operations as a service to our customers.
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