Tail Tamer™ Temporary Conductor Clamp
Utility Solutions, Inc. to demonstrate new concept in wire-end management at IEEE in Denver

Utility Solutions, Inc. 2018-04-10 00:00:00

Utility Solutions, Inc. (USI) introduces a new concept in wire-end management with their latest product - the Tail Tamer Temporary Conductor Clamp. The double-sided clamp comes from an Ohio lineman who created a safer way of handling the loose ends of conductors during overhead distribution repairs, maintenance, and construction.

"I never thought my idea would get this far", says Kevin, the Ohio lineman who invented the Tail Tamer . "I knew I had a good idea on how to better control conductor tails, and its been great seeing the engineers improve it so much". Kevin and his wife visited USI in early 2016 with a prototype he created from spare parts. Engineers from USI then began improving his design until it launched in March of 2017.

Lineman working on overhead distribution lines must control the tail end (loose ends) of conductors at all times to comply with safety regulations. A common practice is to use tape and "hold back" the tail onto itself while stringing new spans. Once a conductor spans between two power poles, a lineman can then create other connections like transformers or switches. Securing each mechanical or crimp connection is crucial for durability and efficiency and can often require more than one lineman.

The Tail Tamer is the first of its kind. While most conductor clamps are installed permanently and require tools, the Tail Tamer operates like a temporary jumper head, and quickly installs by hand. The double-sided jaw allows two conductors to be clamped in parallel. This enables a single clamp to hold back loose ends and also create temporary connections, even in live line situations.

Another unique feature of the Tail Tamer is the ability to connect two units together via a weight-rated carabiner. Attaching two linked units on a slack conductor, with up to 200 lbs. of tension, will enable a lineman to safely control both ends after cutting the conductor.

Utility Solutions, Inc. is targeting utilities and contractors who service overhead distribution systems. The USTT-001 Tail Tamer Temporary Conductor Clamp will be demonstrated each day at the IEEE PES T&D Conference and Expo in Denver, CO April 16-19 in booth #3132.

More information is available online at www.utilitysolutionsinc.com.

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Utility Solutions, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of hot line tools and products for the electrical power industry.  Founded in 1990 by engineers with broad electrical distribution experience, Utility Solutions has accumulated an impressive list of innovative and patented products that directly relate to a lineman's job.

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