SDMyers to Reveal New Functionality on Transformer Dashboard

SDMyers 2018-04-03 00:00:00

SDMyers is preparing to unveil a new addition to Transformer Dashboard , the web tool that their customers use to track the condition of their transformers, that promises make transformer management a simpler and more engaging experience.

The company will showcase the new feature at the IEEE Power & Energy Society's T&D Conference and Exposition in April. Full details on the new functionality are not available until the show, but a spokesman for the company said that attendees can expect an experience that is more intuitive and more advanced than anything currently available on the market.

"Transformer Dashboard was designed with the user in mind from the very beginning," said Mark O'Brien, Digital Project Manager at SDMyers, "but this new feature will help customers navigate their data in a whole new way."

Transformer Dashboard allows users to navigate through all the data on all the transformers they manage. The web-based software provides graphing and trending capabilities that help users manage maintenance and service tasks, and has additional features such as Health Center, which provides at-a-glance analysis of the overall health of their equipment. All of this functionality remains, O'Brien said, with the addition of a new facet to the interface that will make the user experience more captivating.

"It's always exciting to incorporate new technology into the tools we create," O'Brien said, "but the focus is always on functionality. Essentially, it's all about extending the reliable life of your transformer, and we're committed to using the most advanced and user friendly methods available to us to do so."

SDMyers will reveal the new feature at the IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition in Denver on April 16-19, 2018.

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