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ConduGround 2018-04-03 00:00:00

Everybody knows what it means to be working with Copper wire, because its expensive and complex installation and its high rates of theft. That's why since 1994 in Conduzinc, through a hard research, finally we have developed a better alternative to replace and improve Copper wire performance. The new alternative is: ConduGround.

ConduGround is the most innovative and efficient grounding system conductor in the world and it is designed to provides you total safety, it´s less expensive than copper, also is more reliable and it gives you a higher performance. It is patented and elaborated under a process that uses 4 different layers. First a CZ9 alloy, then a double electrolytic coating of Copper and then Tin; finally an anticorrosive cover in accordance with international standards.

It has been tested and approved by the most prestigious certifiers such as: UL in the United States and Canada, IEC in Europe, and LAPEM in Mexico, and is manufactured with the highest international quality standards. It is an environmentally friendly product, as it does not contain Lead and is corrosion resistant.

An expert's team has meticulously developed each one of the aspects of ConduGround. Because of its composition, with a unique patented alloy, and its design, it makes a very big difference with the traditional wires, So ConduGround is on the top level in conductors !!

Its greater contact surface: 3.4 times more than wire, allows it to provide better dissipation of the current to the ground and its implementation costs are much lower than using wire, since it needs shorter trenches to install, therefore less time and less labor required.

Its great malleability allows a single person to handle it, and in addition, it is much safer for its appearance because it doesn´t look like wire, neither looks like Copper and it is a conductor that in each linear meter has a total of 8 personalized engraves and one of them could be with the logo of your company, in order to avoid the theft.

ConduGround is an excellent conductor for grounding systems specifically in electricity transmission and telecommunications towers, downspouts of electricity distribution poles, as well as underground neutral wire and lightning rod conductors for all industries.

ConduGround is already a transcendental asset in the operation of great companies in the United States, Europe and México. Now is the time to change and incorporate the greatest technology in conductors and grounding systems to your company.

See the many features that ConduGround has to offer in a 3 minutes video:

ConduGround, guarantees you safety..!!

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