Oil Containment- Truth and Consequences

Solidification Products International, Inc. (SPI) 2018-04-03 00:00:00

Solidification Products International, Inc. (SPI) is the World's Leader in providing Utility companies with Patented, Passive and Proven Oil Containment Systems since 1998. There are other companies that make great claims on systems that last forever and never need to be replaced.  We at SPI care about the industry and recommend that all business leaders "beware of false product claims".  SPI has no gimmicks; our products have been tested in real oil spills all over the world and no oil or fuel has ever escaped. SPI delivers proven, world tested, quality products and with no "cheap claims".

Nothing lasts forever, especially Oil Containment; SPI stands behind every product we sell from project start to after delivery.  All SPI products are designed and fabricated in our Northford, CT facility.  SPI has expert knowledge in CAD design and all metal and aluminum fabrication is done in-house. Producing "custom solutions" is never a problem with the utilization of our CNC machines, which allows cutting of parts, fabricating, welding of plastics and HDPE materials, to be done quickly and efficiently. If there is ever a question after delivery of an SPI product, our SPI- Customer Support team will quickly respond, evaluate and support our clients from project start to finish. Don't be misled by claims that aren't followed up on and or expectations that are unrealistic. SPI builds oil containment products that are engineered to perform as designed!

Solidification Products International, Inc. has over 20 years of providing Oil Containment solutions, along with a proven record of saving maintenance costs. During that time, "no oil has escaped" the reliable products manufactured by SPI. We provide our loyal customers with "truth based" products that are backed by sound engineering and quality fabrication.

SPI Systems provide the following.

  • SPI- Patented Products: Petro-Plugs®, Petro-Pipes®, Petro-Barriers , Pump-Thru Barrier , StormWater Petro-Barriers , Oil Bond® and more .
  • Complete laboratory Testing
  • Performance Engineered Manufacturing
  • Complete Solutions- by SPI Application CAD Designs
  • SPI- Customer Support
  • Quality Assurance
  • "Best Value" pricing
  • Piece of Mind, knowing that you have purchased from the best in the industry!

Please stop by and visit with us at IEEE PES at booth 1672 where we will do a live demonstration on how SPI's products and systems work with actual transformer oil. Visit our web site WWW.OILBARRIERS.COM and learn more about how SPI protects transformers and substations from escaping oil spills. Please email or phone us to set up an appointment at the show.

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