Condux Tesmec ARS519 Hydraulic Puller for Underground Pulling Applications
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Condux Tesmec 2018-04-10 00:00:00

The ARS519 hydraulic puller from Condux Tesmec is ideal for a wide range of underground pulling applications including power transmission and distribution cable installation.

With 15,750 lbf (70 kN) of pulling force, the ARS519 offers industry-leading features like a negative self-acting hydraulic brake, an integrated hydraulic dynamometer, a hydraulic cooling system, advanced user controls and more.  The unit also comes equipped with an on board reel winder.

A standard electronic pull and speed monitor and recorder kit is integrated into the control panel, providing users real time data on pulling operations. Bull-wheel grooves on the ARS519 are made from heat-treated steel.

The Condux Tesmec line of hydraulic pullers, tensioners, puller-tensioners and stringing blocks represents the safest and most reliable equipment in the power transmission and distribution industry.

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