Protection Devices: Key Players on Your Electric Power Distribution Network

COMENSA 2018-04-10 00:00:00

Among the several compounds that constitute a distribution electric network, protection devices play a key role for maintaining the physical integrity of both the system equipment and the people that surround it as the technicians and the population itself.

One of the protection devices that is vital for this function are cutouts, they are composed by a switch and a fuse that safeguard the transformer from an overloading of current, it goes attached to the main line and is located above the transformer to ensure safeguard. When a huge flow of current occurs, the fuse holder immediately shoots as the fuse breaks, hanging from the switch and allowing to be easily seen from the distance for its change.

Variation on cutouts include porcelain or polymer bushing depending on the network owner requirements, additional arc chute for safe arc extinguishing, as well as a triple shot fuse cutout ideal for remote areas or difficult to be accessed or in which temporary faults are common.

By other side, single-phase switches operate at 600A and allow the sectionalizing or isolation of equipment or section of lines in distribution networks. They are quality constructed to ensure stable high current capability and thermal capacity under the required duties of load and short circuit conditions.

Lastly, surge arresters offer overvoltage protection, such as lightning stroke, for the distribution networks and its components such as transformers, circuit breakers and switchgear.

COMENSA supplies cutouts, single-phase switches and surge arresters produced in Cartagena, Colombia, located strategically in a free zone, COMENSA's production plant can easily produce and distribute up to 5.000 cutouts, 2.000 switches and 4.000 surge arresters monthly, easily in the Caribbean and Andean zone.

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