True Sensing/Precise Data: A Closer Look at Underground Grid Monitoring

3M 2018-04-10 00:00:00

As you well know, the focus on enhancing reliability and efficiency of the power grid has led to widespread deployment of distribution automation (or DA) and control technologies.

The benefits of DA deployment are, by now, indisputable. For details, check out this Department of Energy report from September 2016, "Distribution Automation: Results from the Smart Grid Investment Grant Program":

The effectiveness of these technologies, though, relies mainly upon the availability of key system parameter data, such as voltage and current, at the critical locations (e.g. PQ nodes) on the grid.

This is especially important for the Medium Voltage (Primary) distribution segment, as the faults impact a much wider customer base compared to the Low Voltage (Secondary) distribution system.

The obstacle: While system-wide deployment of advanced data acquisition solutions for overhead feeders is, by and large, financially feasible, equivalent solutions for underground distribution systems are capital intensive.

As a result, the majority of the data acquisition devices in the Medium Voltage (MV) Underground (UG) distribution system are concentrated at a few nodes.

So how do you fully realize the benefits of DA in your Medium Voltage Underground distribution system?

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We'll discuss how sensored cable accessory solutions, when connected to a power utility's communication infrastructure, enable real-time monitoring that will provide valuable data throughout your underground MV distribution network.

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