Indji Systems releases New Indji Watch "Plan of Day" and Forecast Lighting
Hourly updated lightning forecasts enable users to proactively prepare for lightning threats, plan maintenance and keep their teams safe

Indji Systems 2020-02-04 00:00:00

Indji Systems, the leading environmental threat monitoring and alerting provider for the energy sector, introduces hour by hour forecast lightning in their new "Plan of Day" dashboard.

Indji Systems leverages NOAA high resolution weather models to produce an hourly updating forecast for lightning for the upcoming 18 hours.  The hour by hour forecast factors in current atmospheric conditions, including current radar and lightning data, and blends them with forecast conditions to provide their clients a view into the future.  The forecasts leverage Indji Systems U.S. Patent 10,089,854 by communicating to the customer when lightning is forecast to enter client defined distance zones.  Those zones are modeled to monitor the entire asset providing a truer picture of the lightning threat.

These forecasts will enable renewable energy professionals to make more accurate, informed decisions about maintenance scheduling and bring another level of safety awareness and preparedness to their growing employee and contractor base.

The forecast of lightning appears in the new "Plan of Day" dashboard which also provides forecasts for other key elements such as hub height winds and extreme temperature events.  This intuitive display will provide a continuously updating view of weather threats that could impact safety and disrupt maintenance plans at a wind or solar farm.

"The release of the new dynamic Plan Of Day dashboard is an exciting advancement for our Indji Watch service. Plan Of Day leverages our patented monitoring method and incorporates forecasts for several critical threats including lightning. Our renewable farm customers will see benefits in improved safety for maintenance crews and more effective planning for operations activity impacted by weather. It is rewarding to see such great outcomes from Indji System's continued investment in research and development." Adam Hender, CEO Indji Systems Inc

Indji Systems, founded in 2004, is an independent software company with offices in California and Western Australia. Indji Systems designs mapping software which helps businesses to make better decisions and run more efficiently. The Indji Watch product is designed specifically for the Utility and Renewable Energy industries to provide grid stability, help ensure personnel safety and efficiently plan operation and maintenance activities. Indji Systems is committed to delivering the highest level of service possible and to contributing "real" value to customers and their communities.

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