Process Bus Line Protection Performance Test and Comparative Methodology

HMV Engineers LLC 2020-02-04 00:00:00

In 2015, San Miguel Hydroelectric Power Plant (44 MW) started operations, and in its 110 kV outgoing transmission line bay a protection system was installed, based on Process Bus control & protection devices having communications and functional capabilities according to the IEC 61850 9-2LE implementation guide. The project was initially named "Digital MK" [1]. In addition to it, since it was a pilot project, a parallel hardwired conventional protection system was installed on the same transmission line, in order to have an operation comparison between both systems.

In early 2017, El Molino Hydroelectric Power Plant (20 MW) started operations, and in its 110 kV outgoing transmission line bay two additional protection and control systems were installed also based on the Process Bus solutions in compliance with IEC61850-9-1 standard and IEC 61850-9-2LE implementation guide, respectively.

These three protection and control systems based on a process bus have given HMV the possibility to gather experience and performance data from different manufacturers to define the minimum requirements and conditions for a reliable implementation of the technology.

The systems implemented were fully and deeply tested at factory and on site during commissioning, proven to be a reliable solution to be used in power transmission systems. During operational phase of each project, reliability and performance characteristics of the process bus control & protection systems were confirmed.

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