DayCor® Cameras Seamless Integration on Drones
Dedicated to aerial inspection of overhead electrical grid lines

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DayCor® micROM HD Camera
on a UAS gimbal
The most significant benefit utilities gain by using corona cameras on drones is the immediate pinpointed information acquired about HIDDEN and UNSEEN critical faults. Being able to maneuver drones to multiple viewing angels is a winning argument for drones. Yet, in combination with the ability to visualize and see in real time corona discharge, those wining arguments are called success. Successful faults investigations, better use of time, more accurate inspection results, comprehensive reports, assets management and assets reliability are some of the outcomes of using DayCor® cameras on drones. "Ever since we are using corona cameras on drones we don't miss any occurrence of corona and are able to interpret better the condition of our lines", M. G. PGE.

Safely is always an argument used in favor of selecting remote testing equipment. DayCor® micROM HD corona camera for drones is a multi-sensors camera with a most sensitive UV detector. The high sensitivity allows remote detecting of corona and arcing discharges which result from locally distorted electrical fields. micROM on a drone ensures that inspectors inspect efficiently their infrastructure without jeopardizing their safety.

DayCor® micROM HD Corona cameras serve as extensions to the human eyes. They extend the spectral range and enable seeing UV. Furthermore, these eyes enable seeing locations that are hard to get. The visual is transmitted to the drone remote control, showing phenomena that affect reliability and are ignored if corona camera are not used.

Ofil LTD. dedicated a line of compact DayCor® cameras to be used on small and bigger UAVs. This line of cameras named micROM HD consists of ultralight weight HD cameras implementing Ofil's proprietary solar blind bi-spectral imaging technology, which stands for high sensitivity, reliable data, user friendly operation.

DayCor® micROM HD offers:

  1. Real time imaging without any processing delays
  2. High sensitivity to UV providing information on any occurrence of corona PD
  3. Ongoing operation without any need to cool down the operating camera
  4. Accurate overlay of UV and Visible imaging to provide a reliable pinpointed information about corona location
  5. High quality imaging to enable operators assess the condition and decide whether more investigation is needed or where the drone should move to
  6. Advanced optics with powerful zoom and auto/manual focus to enable good close up view of the inspected system and seeing their name plates or ID
  7.  Adding supplementary data such as GPS, temperature and humidity

micROM HD is a Plug-N-Play camera. It is fully integrated with DJI m300 and m600. It can readily be integrated with most drones. Its compact dimensions and low power consumption allow using smaller drones.

Ofil guarantees full customer support to its products starting at the phase of integration up to the operational stages. Our products are renowned for providing appealing user experience, great value of information, geared to support our customers' missions.

Ofil Ltd is the leading manufacturer of daytime corona imaging systems. Range of products include solutions for handheld, driven, aerial and OEM. In business since 1993, with worldwide clientele. Ofil Ltd.

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