Forterra introducing Precast Electrical Duct Bank at IEEE PES T&D Conference in New Orleans

Forterra 2022-03-01 00:00:00

Forterra will be showcasing their RED-E-DUCT precast duct bank system ("RED-E-DUCT") at the upcoming IEEE PES T&D Conference in New Orleans, LA on April 26th-28th.  Forterra has been developing and refining this product for a little over a decade and has recently made a strong presence in many markets within the electrical construction and engineering industry. The RED-E-DUCT product is a precast duct bank system that eliminates the need for building strenuous cast-in-place duct bank in the field by arriving at the job site ready for installation.

RED-E-DUCT precast duct bank has revolutionized the duct bank installation process by requiring less labor and time, reducing overall costs, and putting construction ahead of schedule. RED-E-DUCT eliminates the need for formwork, ready-mix, curing time and testing in the areas it is deployed. By utilizing this advanced construction system, contractors have been able to immediately backfill their trench which not only improves their schedule, but also drastically improves worker safety by limiting the time workers are exposed to these trenches.  

Keep an eye out for next week's newsletter to learn about installing the Red-E-Duct precast duct bank product.

SEE US AT: Booth number 4213, April 26-28th, IEEE PES T&D Conference, New Orleans, LA

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