Conductor Repair After Spacer Damper Damage

Classic Connectors, USA 2022-04-20 00:00:00

Damage caused by worn Spacers, Spacer Dampers, Dampers, Aircraft Markers, or other line hardware - or lightning and gun-shot - is easily and quickly repaired.

The accompanying photo shows corrected conductor damage on a 29.3 mm O.D. transmission conductor using a ClampStar CRU-1386-016-04 repair unit. This is a 2-piece design, self-shielding to 800kV with unlimited ampacity that installs in minutes and restores both the mechanical and electrical properties to meet ANSI-C19.4 "AA" heavy-duty standards.

Classic Connectors' distribution and transmission class ClampStar® units are available for use on splices, deadends and damaged conductor. For all aluminum stranded conductors, eg., ACSR, AAC, AAAC, ACAR, ACSS & Composite Core. Also available for OHSW, OPGW, Copper and SWER. Available for conductors sized from #6 AWG - 2515 kcmil (up to 1.912 inches diameter)

Visit us at booth 7721 to see ClampStars on display and discuss your company's specific needs with our application engineers.

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